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St. John the Baptist (Mission Church) & St. Clement is an Anglo-Catholic Church. 

Its style of worship is unlike anything in Saint John.  Through the use of symbolism and ritual we express the value we place on the tradition or heritage of worship that has been passed on to us from Christians long before the Reformation.  Our approach to worship allows us to step away from the rush and hectic pace of life, that we are now accustomed to, in order to be still and know that the Lord is God.  It is said that if you want to know what Anglicans believe then go and worship with them.  Were you to worship with us, you would discover that  we believe in a God that is Holy, and yet intimately present with us. 


What you can expect at a 10:00 am Sunday service:

    You can expect a warm welcome and a meditative service.  Here you will not find a worship band, but congregational hymns accompanied by organ music.  The service includes some plain chant, sung responses and a Biblically-based sermon.  Every Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Every baptized follower of Jesus is welcome to receive the Eucharist. 

    If you are a first time guest at our church and want to get the most out of it.  Please introduce yourself  a greeter (they will be the people holding the bulletins at the main door).