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atThe Parish of Millidgeville grew out of an amalgamation of the Parish of St. Clement and the Church of St. John the Baptist (AKA Mission Church). The construction of of the Mission Church began on May 1, 1881.  The church was located on Paradise Row.  

 In 1969, as part of the North End Urban Renewal Programme, the Mission Church was demolished.



Saint Clement Chapel of Ease, which was part of the Parish of Portland, was built in 1901 on Manners Sutton Rd. 

In 1964 St. Clement was established as a parish. In 1967 a new Christian Education Centre was built on the corner of Daniel Ave and Millidge Ave.  A year later the two churches agreed to share a new Church building which was built next and attached to the education centre.   In 1971 the former St. Clement Church building was sold and is now a residence. 

 The new Church of Saint John the Baptist (Mission Church) & St. Clement was consecrated by Bishop Harold Nutter on June 2, 1974.  It was not until April of 1984 that St. John the Baptist (Mission Church) & St. Clement became established as the Parish of Millidgeville.

In 2017 the hard decision was made by the Parish to move as it was no longer viable to remain at 819 Millidge Avenue, and with our bishop's permission arrangements were made to rent space at OUTFLOW at 162 Waterloo Street, which is a Christian Ministry serving the homeless men of Saint John and which has space suitable for Anglican worship as the building was formerly Waterloo St. Baptist Church.